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Attention valued customers, we regret to inform you that our Facebook account has been compromised by hackers. However, we assure you that our Instagram account remains secure, and all updates will be posted there for the time being. In light of recent events, we urge our community to be vigilant against scammers. Please be wary of individuals who refuse to send new photos, videos upon request, or engage in live video chats. We implore you not to fall victim to these fraudulent schemes. For direct communication and to witness our facilities and adorable puppies firsthand, please reach out to us via phone or text at 918-533-2616. We are committed to providing a safe and transparent experience for all our customers.

No longer by my side by always in my heart.
Kaizen "Zen" Oct. 27, 2012 -Feb. 1, 2024

🐾 Welcome to Kaizen Shiba Inus, where the passion for Shiba Inus meets the art of breeding excellence. I'm Chanda Tucker, your devoted host and the heart behind Kaizen Shiba Inus . With over a decade of experience as a hobby breeder, my commitment to nurturing the spirit and quality of AKC Shiba Inus is at the core of what I do.

Kaizen Shiba Inus is more than just a breeding facility—it's a tribute to my beloved Shiba Inu, Kaizen, affectionately known as "Zen." Named after the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, Kaizen, Zen embodies the essence of positive transformation and a change for the better. This profound meaning is the cornerstone of our breeding philosophy at Kaizen Shiba Inus. 

As a responsible breeder, I take pride in producing AKC Shiba Inus of exceptional quality, temperament, and beauty. My facility is designed to provide a nurturing environment where our Shiba Inus thrive, ensuring that each puppy is raised with care, attention, and a whole lot of love.

Whether you're a seasoned Shiba Inu enthusiast or a first-time dog owner, Kaizen Shiba Inus welcomes those seeking a furry friend that's not just a pet but a cherished family member. Explore my site to discover more about my breeding philosophy, the wonderful AKC Shiba Inu breed, and the adorable puppies available for adoption.

Thank you for considering Kaizen Shiba Inus as your trusted source for Shiba Inu companionship. Join me in celebrating the magic of Shiba Inus and the enduring spirit of positive change embodied by our beloved Zen.

Warm regards, Chanda Tucker  🌟

Shiba Inus 

are great with children if raised with them. 

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